Yolanda Jordan(non-registered)
I LOVED every photo..thank you so much for bringing to life our family photos. Hugs and love my dear cousin always.
Jamal, It was a pleasure meeting you today! It's so refreshing and inspiring to meet a like-minded photographer, who cherishes the beauty and wonder of nature, and seeks to share that passion with others. Your photography is absolutely spectacular!
My Loving Jamal..your photography helps all of us to appreciate even more the wonderful creations of God in ways that maybe now we cant stop and smell the roses as often as we would like, but in due time we will. In the mean time i thank you for your captive expressions of natures beauty.
Shall I say, inspiring! Focused. Organized. Appealing. Most of all, it has meaning without speaking a word. Thank you so much for sharing the silence!
Jamal you did a beautiful job with the baptism video. I didn't know you was a photographer. Awesome pictures. Love it!
just stopping by to check out some awesome landscape photos you have :) great work!
Wow!!! What an awesome website!!! Not only are the photographs breathtaking but the thought about it, the message and motto on sustainability are just awesome. I am with you, brother!! This is exactly what I have been teaching my daughter. I can't wait for her to see the site.

Your pictures are inspiring. To see everything I believe and love in living color, with words and emotion that speak to me, touches my heart. I love the photograph of your dad especially and the thoughts about him. Oh, the lessons our fathers leave behind. You are an environmentalist, photographer, builder, and a writer!!! What??!!! And this is secondary to being a minister. Your bio page is very well-written!!

One of my favorite quotes is: “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” Well your site provided 232 moments that took my breath away.

Thanks for sharing
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