We have included a short video to help you with the basic ordering of prints. Not all

               options mentioned may be available for the individual print or product you have chosen. 



 DOWNLOAD a PDF instructional version of this video "Purchasing Prints"


  • HOW TO "REMOVE WATERMARK" FROM PURCHASED PHOTOS:                                

The watermark (logo) will NOT be on the purchased print/product. It will only appear on the

photos when being viewed online. Also, the images here are reduced in size and resolution,

to fit your screen but the original, high resolution file will be used for your final printing.



              The "ADD TO FAVORITES" feature allows you, the visitor, to pick specific photos in a gallery 

              or collection, save them as a set of favorites, and then share this set directly with me, the  

              photographer. A link to this set can also be e-mailed to a friend.


              Favorites are stored in your browser cache unless you are logged in. You will not be able to

              access your favorites at a later date unless you are on the same browser, or you log back in 

              to your account.


 DOWNLOAD a PDF instructional version of this feature "Add to Favorites"




                Each photo, gallery and collection can be "shared" by way of email or popular social media 

                networks.  Simply click the "Share" Button next to the "Buy" and/or "Slideshow" Button in

                the top right-hand corner of the page. A pop-up menu will open.  


  • "GUESTBOOK" AND "COMMENTS" FEATURES:                       

The Guestbook feature is available for all galleries, groups and collections. This feature

allows you the option to leave Guestbook entries that are visible to all visitors or for the

photographer's eyes only. The "Guestbook" Button is located at the bottom center and

upper right corner of most pages.


The Comments feature allows viewers to leave comments on individual photos that are

visible to the public or for the photographer's eyes only. Viewers can also suggest

alternate cropping as well as highlight a specific area on an image. The "Comments"

Button is located at the bottom center and upper right corner of most pages.


  •  HOW TO USE "RSS FEEDS":                     

RSS feeds are a network of web feeds that allow people to easily view new information

from websites without actually visiting the site. These feeds allow you, the visitor, to

subscribe to JDH Photoworks galleries and receive updates of our newly posted work.

Every time you add a photo to one of your galleries the feed is updated and anyone who

                 has subscribed to the feed of the gallery will see the photo in their reader. Also, if visitors

                 are subscribed to the Featured Galleries section of your Zenfolio page they will see any

                 new galleries or collections that are added. 


                 RSS feeds are accessed a few different ways: you can use one of many dedicated RSS

                 reader programs such as Google ReaderSharpReader, etc. Conversely, you can use

                 your browser to add feeds to your bookmarks folder. In addition, many mail programs

                 such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and Apple Mail allow you to add and

                 manage RSS feeds. We offer both RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0 feeds.