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Folly Mansion Ruins - Architrave

Folly Mansion Ruins - Architrave

Folly Mansion Ruins. The Myth is a cautionary tale in huberis and so much more interesting than the facts. The Myth as shared by the website -
"A myth exists that the great Folly Mansion was constructed by a rich American man to impress his sweetheart and convince her to move to Jamaica with him. However, corners were cut in the construction and cement was mixed with saltwater rather than fresh water. When his wife came to inspect the property it had already begun to crumble and she exclaimed "What a Folly" and flew back to America, never to return. The Folly Mansion was then left to crumble in to the ground."

Lesson: Never challenge the Natural Environment against the Built Environment. Nature will ALWAYS win! Respect Nature!
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