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Open Invitation to Join Us
Nov 3 - 25, 2015
Willingboro Public Library - Art Gallery
Willingboro, New Jersey

Visitors, Friends, Family and Clients,
This photographic art exhibition is the second in the Celebration of Our Planet in Art series. In the first exhibit, I invited three young, optimistic and vibrant artists to contribute their creative imagery and vision to this unique exhibition. Each one, like me, has made a personal commitment to serve the community at large and humanity in general by means of our volunteerism, through social, educational and humanitarian work. We have also used our gifts as artists to alert others about the imperative need to be good stewards of this planet.
I believe that, one must “see” the planet before one can save the planet. “Seeing” the planet is both proverbial and literal. The proverbial application is to “see” or “comprehend” the fact that our everyday decisions have a direct effect on the future of our planet; and so the literal application is to “see”, thru the aperture of a camera lens, what we are struggling to save. Only then will we feel truly compelled to make necessary sacrifices and take definitive action to save our global home.
In an effort to better “see” the earth and to “see” earth’s inhabitants, one can have travel around the planet and in one’s own backyard. These exhibits have shown us urban street scenes, historically artistic architecture, wild & untamed South American jungles, enchanting coastlines of the British Isles and pastoral autumnal strolls through the Mid-Atlantic United States. These are only a few of the wonders that are in front of us every day, in every corner of the world. We live every day in both the natural and built environment. Now it is time to “see” it.
My second exhibit focuses on the “Local Perspective” in relation to our Global Landscape. YOU are invited to the Exhibition! I hope to share with you, our community and with our fellow humans, the one thing we all share in common: Our Home, The Earth.
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Meet the Artist Nov 7, 2015Local Perspective - Exhibition Statement