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OBX Whalehead Club House

OBX Whalehead Club House

A spectacular example of Art Nouveau architecture and design, this magnificent residence was built in the 1920s during a time of prohibition and suffragettes. Mr. & Mrs. Edward Collings Knight, Jr. were wealthy northerners who owned homes in Philadelphia, PA and Newport, RI. With a love for Art Nouveau, and a passion for waterfowling, the Knights purchased a 4.5 mile tract of land and built what we now know as the Whalehead Club. Purchased by Currituck County in 1992, the residence has been restored to its former grandeur. Come see original artifacts on display inside the museum, such as Louis Comfort Tiffany light fixtures, Louis Majorelle furnishings and more! Take a guided tour and learn about the unique history which includes ties to the US Coast Guard during WWII, and solid rocket fuel testing during the Cold War era. Along with the historic boathouse and arched bridge, the Whalehead Club is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.
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